Castration remark brings harsh response for Delta Co. school board member

By Ron Bain, Watchdog Editor

DELTA – At the November meeting of the Delta County school board, member Kathy Svenson passed out brochures about self-proclaimed transgender boys who are pushing for the right to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms in school districts back East, and she sparked a firestorm response when she used the word “castration” to describe the conditions under which she would allow that to happen.

“I will take a stand that it will not happen here without a plumbing change,” Svenson said. Homosexual and transgender males “can still function as a man,” Svenson said.

“I’m not ashamed to stand up for the safety of our girls,” she said.

The gender-bending bathroom switch has been triggered in some school districts by bullying of effeminate boys in boys’ bathrooms but Svenson says “that is putting somebody else at risk in the unsafe zone. If they’re going to be bullied in the boys’ bathroom, what do you think is going to happen in the girls’ bathroom with their dicks hanging out?”

Locker room issues involving showers and changes of clothing are even more troubling to Svenson.

While she was discussing the issue with Jim Kerchner on KUBC, one caller suggested that Svenson be recalled. She said she’d quit before she would put the district through an expensive recall election during a time of budget cuts.

“They’ve cut off my head several times,” she said figuratively. “I want to stay and fight the good fight.”

An interview with KREX News went viral on the Internet, with Svenson’s comments causing a furor of commentary and condemnation.

Svenson told the Watchdog that she understood how transgender boys felt, that as a girl she was a tomboy who wanted to do everything the boys did. To this day, she doesn’t wear jewelry or finger polish, she said.

“They act like I’m denying them something,” she said. “I’m certainly not denying them activities.”

Svenson said a solution might be a third set of bathrooms for transgender students, or converting the bathrooms to private individualized compartments.

At least in terms of bathroom and locker room access, Svenson is insistent that gender be determined by physical anatomy, not psychology.

“I don’t want anybody with a dick in the girls’ restroom,” she said.

Svenson said she was considering starting a private elementary school.

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