Palisade peach farmer challenges Tipton for GOP nomination

By Ron Bain, Watchdog Editor

GRAND JUNCTION – Palisade peach farmer and conservative Republican activist David Cox announced Saturday that he would challenge Congressman Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) for the Republican nomination in Congressional District Three.

“We can have a Constitutional government. We can rein in our federal bureaucracy and return to a local level of control that facilitates our prosperity,” Cox said as he began his almost 40-minute speech. “We need to go back to the Constitution.

“It’s imperative we do not miss this opportunity,” he said. “This is in fact more than just rhetoric. I want to be part of that group, of all of you folks, who bring the Republican Party back to its roots, back to a position where it’s not just rhetoric, that brings about real policy change that will benefit our lives, increase our prosperity, and make us a happier and more secure people.”

Answering a question after the speech, Cox said he wasn’t going to worry about raising funds to defeat Tipton until he managed to win 30 percent of the vote at the Republican district assembly and secure his place on the August primary ballot.

Cox spoke in favor of veterans and against foreign aid to nations hostile to America.

“The unlawful and criminal federal government (is) cutting our veterans’ pay while at the same time sending hundreds of billions of dollars abroad to regimes that are dictatorial. We are supporting these regimes in Saudia Arabia and Bahrain and many, many others that crush dissent,” Cox said. “The people who were responsible for protecting our nation, we’re taking away from them. It’s nothing short of a criminal act.”

Cox called for an immediate control of border access, a path to citizenship and for Congress to take back its Constitutional power to declare war, ending perpetual war with Islamic nations.

“Our immigration policy is not a policy at all. Why are our borders wide open? We must provide a path to citizenship to people who are already here who are willing to learn our language, learn our law and become Americans. To sit here and pretend that all these people who are here, we are going to deport them, is flatly ludicrous,” Cox asked.

“The other thing that must be addressed is that when we go abroad and we drone bomb haphazardly looking for one militant out of 50 and we kill 100 people to get one, this is wrong. This is how you create enemies. This is how you create enormous future problems for this country. These people have a deep-seated resentment, an anger that is justifiable.”

He also called for ending the Federal Reserve and going back to the gold standard to help improve and protect the economy.

“We are bankrupt now. We are running a $500 billion a year deficit which has gone on for the last 15-plus years. Obviously this cannot last if the other central banks of the world decide to end their collusion ¬†with our corrupt central bank, that spells doom.”

He blamed the crash of 1921, the Great Depression, “the horrible stagflation of the 1970s,” and the nation’s current economic troubles on the Federal Reserve Act.

“Anybody who says a system that is taking 96 to 97 percent of the value out of our dollars and transferring it to the themselves is good, is out of their minds,” Cox said, recalling “The Gilded Age” of the 1870-90 period, “the largest expansion of the earning power of the common man that has ever been known perhaps throughout the history of the entire world.”

Cox pointed out that other federal agencies have gone rogue and corrupt: The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms program of providing arms to Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the death of an American border guard; the National Surveillance Agency tapping everyone’s phones and computers; the Transportation Security Agency’s groping and nude photographing of air passengers; and, the Internal Revenue Service targeting Tea Party organizations.

“We must get rid of the income tax,” he said. “We can fund the proper role of the federal government to protect our borders and protect our nation merely with excise taxes… and tariffs.” If that proves inadequate, Cox suggested “a consumption tax, which would be far more appropriate and fair than an income tax.”

Cox openly wore a sidearm while speaking to emphasize his support for the Second Amendment and self-defense.

“We need proper weaponry to protect ourselves and our families,” he said.

He called for the Food and Drug Administration’s and the Department of Education’s roles to be returned to the states or ended entirely. “We don’t need Common Core. We don’t need ObamaCare,” Cox said.

“We do have the right to make the best decisions for our communities, for our economies,” Cox said, condemning the closure of public lands and roads by federal agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. “We control the public lands, not them. Our sheriffs are the Department of Homeland Security.”

Cox predicted a “time of turmoil and a time of testing of our resolve to be free people” and encouraged people to become prepared by stocking up a minimum of six months of food.

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