Excessive Sweating Treatment Home, Medical and Natural Remedies


    Heavy sweat is one of the most annoying things that you may experience in your life. You need to find a solution to this health issue as soon as possible, and you can get it right away. We will let you know some useful things that you can do to get rid of your heavy sweat as soon as you can. According to the research report submitted by www.hyperhidrosisclinicusa.com, these are some of the efficient options to control excessive sweating in our body.

    Iontophoresis – Iontophoresis uses a low electrical current traveling through the water while you sit with your feet, hands, or both in a beautiful, swallow water tray for around 30 minutes. Nobody knows how Iontophoresis truly works, but the reality is that it might block your sweat from getting to the surface of your skin.

    Botulinum Toxin – Botulinum toxin is used in injections to treat heavy sweating. You can treat the heavy sweating of your underarms with botulinum toxin because it is FDA-approved. Your doctor might even use this substance on the soles of your feet and your hands.

    Excessive Sweating Natural Treatment

    Anticholinergic Drugs – Anticholinergic drugs are prescription medicines that your doctor might use when Botox or iontophoresis don’t work in your body. These drugs will work hard to halt your sweat glands` activation power in no time.

    Surgery – If you have not responded to any other treatment, your doctor might suggest surgery. This might occur if you suffer from hyperhidrosis these days. Your physician might suction out, scrape, or even cut your sweat glands. Your surgeon might also use ETS. He or she will be cutting the important nerves in the armpit of your body. These are the nerves that normally have to activate these sweat glands.

    No Heavy Clothes – You have to avoid wearing heavy clothes because they will trap sweat right away. Rather, wear some light clothes with breathable fabrics. Silk and cotton can do the trick in no time. if you are going to be exposed to heat, you can bring along another shirt.

    Antibacterial Soap – You should use an antibacterial soap every single day in your bath so you can control your bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for all the odor that you can smell coming from your sweaty skin. When you are done, dry yourself right away.

    Underarm Liners – You should use some underarm liners right away. You can use your underarm liners with some shoe inserts. These things will allow you to absorb your sweat right away. Your clothes will be kept intact after you have used this, and they will not smell at all.

    No Coffee  – You have to avoid coffee, alcohol or any spicy food out there because they will make you sweat in no time. Remember that these types of food will not make you any good when it comes to getting rid of your heavy sweat today.

    Remember that Iontophoresis could give you what you need when it comes to stopping your heavy sweat. But you need to understand that you have many options at your fingertips when it comes to getting rid of your heavy sweat these days. So take action and try out many of these treatments today so you can get what you need as soon as possible.