Andrew De Niese Becoming Active in Bakersfield, California Area After Successful Book and Television Show


Press Release updated: Sep 14, 2017 15:26 EDT

Following the success of his book and television show, Andrew De Niese is becoming more and more active in the community of Bakersfield, California. While he does not make his home there, he is becoming a regular among the locals.

The buzz and excitement surrounding his cooking show turned into a book that was published earlier this year. Deciding to put his favorite recipes and cooking expertise to paper was very important to Andrew De Niese, who wanted to connect to his viewers in every way possible.

“I’d always wanted to write a cookbook,” De Niese explains. “With the show’s success, it was a must-do for me. I’m glad the success from the show carried over to the book.”

I’d always wanted to write a cookbook.

Andrew De Niese

Andrew De Niese has become a viral sensation this year, gaining popularity around the city of Bakersfield. People are discussing the culinary delights the show and the book brings forward.

Not only has Andrew De Niese become popular with viewers and readers alike, he’s becoming a very highly-requested person with local learning establishments and businesses.

The people of Bakersfield have requested Andrew De Niese to be a part of projects taking place in and around the city to promote community spirit. Some of these projects have included local colleges requesting for him to give a speech about the culinary history of Europe, his native land, and current home. Another institution has requested him to conduct cooking classes in their facility.

“Getting the book written and out for sale was very important to me,” says De Niese. “But all of these projects coming my way is very exciting and humbling. I really hope to continue to connect people to cooking through these appearances as much as the book and show have.”

For those who do not know about De Niese’s show, the program features a guest chef in each episode alongside De Niese, cooking a dish in a competition-style format. De Niese would have to cook something unique that represents the best of European cuisine. Both chefs would be preparing a four-course meal, including a starter, main course, palate cleanser, and lastly, dessert.

Overall, the show is a very relaxed setting, yet compelling television. You get the feel of a kitchen that is welcoming and a place for anyone to cook a meal and have fun doing it. The entire audience is also served two cocktails, personally prepared by De Niese. It’s an open-air cooking show, where they not only feature cocktails but appetizers as well as the four-course meal prepared by De Niese and the celebrity chef for that episode.

The book shadows the show, featuring recipes from De Niese and his celebrity chef colleagues. One of De Niese’s most popular four-course meals included grilled octopus tacos with a charred flank steak. His celebrity guest chef, on the next page, would then feature a winter salad with a whole roasted chicken with root mash.

Not only are these recipes in De Niese’s cookbook, but they are featured on a separate episode of his cooking show.

Both the show and book connects people to their kitchen by showing simple, yet wholesome meals without breaking a sweat — or their bank — in the kitchen. The book contains tips and tricks from the best chefs in the United States and captures the enthusiasm from the show.

From the television screen to paper and now to a local learning establishment in the area, Andrew De Niese is changing the way people view the kitchen and cooking. He’s brought excitement to the city and created a buzz in the culinary industry.

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