Tops in Both NCAA & NFL Football Contests


WAUCHULA, Fla., Sept. 28, 2017 () — makes history again. They are currently ranked #1 in most net profit won in both the college & NFL handicapping contests run by Ruth Glasgow’s The Sports Monitor.

This is an exceedingly rare event. So rare that the last time it was done was 5 years ago. By again.  There are thousands of sports services selling their picks. Only several hundred are honest enough to be tracked by an independent third-party. The Sports Monitor has been tracking service results since 1985.

So, to lead just one of those contests is a great accomplishment. To lead both NCAA & NFL versions of the football contests at the same time is remarkable.

But has been there and done that. They won the Las Vegas NFL Handicapping Contest with a staggering 90% winners and have just now followed up by beating out 68 others in finishing #1 in the Las Vegas SportsWatchMonitor NFL Exhibition Contest.  And their margin of victory was huge: 82% more net profit than the runner-up.

But what should you expect from Dr. Bob Akmens, given he beat out 200 other sports services to be named the 2016 Las Vegas Handicapper of the Year. 

Bob Akmens Sports also had the highest winning percentage of anyone on the 2016 Annual Contest leader board. They ended up with 42% more net profit won than service #2 at the SportsWatchMonitor for every pick, in every sport, for the entire year of 2016.

Nothing like this has ever been done by anyone else in the sports handicapping industry.  Which is why countless major websites as well as CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, Yahoo, Reuters, and many others have called Dr. Bob Akmens of the best football handicapper around. (owned by The New York Times) has called Dr. Bob Akmens & his the best sports handicapper in the world: “no other handicapper can match Akmens in terms of winning.” lavishes yet more praise on Dr. Bob Akmens of when they say “He claims to be the world’s best and most accurate and it would appear that he’s got the evidence to back up that lofty claim.”

The search engines agree that Dr. Bob Akmens is the best sports handicapper around. When one Google’s “who is the best sports handicapper in the world?,” is ranked #1 out of millions of hits.  Bing comes up with over a billion hits…and also ranks #1.

With the exciting 2017 College & NFL Football seasons on pace for record-shattering results, expects to make their football clients substantial profits through their full range of football handicapping picks packages. has had some truly spectacular results in football.  For the combined college football and NFL seasons in 2012-13, had 72.16% winners in one of the toughest contests of all, the Combination Football Contest of The Sports Monitor. 125 services participated. came out with 72.16%, 9% better than service #2. That was the biggest margin of victory ever in 27 years of any contest run by The Sports Monitor. became the very first service to ever finish a football season with over 70% wins in both college & NFL football. So it’s not surprising has now won back-to-back Las Vegas NFL handicapping contests. has produced the best NCAA & NFL Football handicapping results over the years through algorithmic computer models which analyze thousands of patterns and trends of teams, coaches and players.

Across the wide spectrum of sports, has only one goal: to maximize the profit of their clients. summed up very well when they said, “you truly do get what you pay for…plus more,” and that “I can count on one hand the number of services that I would give a positive recommendation about to a fellow sports bettor.  Bob Akmens Sports would certainly be included in that group.” has every reason to believe this 2017 football season will be as good as their jaw-dropping Las Vegas Handicapper of the Year performance in 2016.  And they invite everyone to come along for the ride.

Dr. Bob Akmens

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