HaloSource Launches Drinking Water Purification Products In India Under The astrea® Brand


Indian consumers can currently purchase astrea® water purification pitchers via online retailers Amazon India, Flipkart and on astreawater.in, the Company’s own e-commerce storefront in India. A purifying water bottle is expected to be available in October. The directors of the Company believe that both the pitchers and bottles offer unmatched protection against unsafe drinking water with patented technology that meets U.S. regulatory standards for drinking water safety.

The astrea® launch marks a significant milestone in the Company’s strategy to build on its foundation as a trusted OEM supplier by bringing its own global, consumer-facing brand to market. India was a natural first target based on its urgent need for clean, safe drinking water, the size of the market, and the Company’s strong familiarity with the region. HaloSource has been selling its patented HaloPure® disinfection technology to consumer product companies such as Eureka Forbes in India since 2007.

The directors of the Company believe that, compared to other personal drinking water products available in India, astrea® pitchers and bottles represent a marked step forward in design, quality and technological innovation. A convenient and compact solution, the astrea® purifying pitcher can be used as a standalone solution to ensure that drinking water is germ-free – at home, at school and student dorms, when traveling, or anywhere portability is required. The pitcher features disposable cartridges that offer three-stage purification, using HaloSource’s patented HaloPure® water purification technology to kill more than 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, including E. coli and norovirus. HaloPure® technology is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and certified to NSF42 for safety of materials. Each cartridge provides up to 100 days – or 375 liters – of clean, clear, safe drinking water and the pitcher is equipped with an easy-to-use LED indicator that tracks and alerts users when it’s time for a replacement.

The astrea® purifying bottle will provide safe, great-tasting water at home or anywhere users want peace of mind. The bottle leverages patented technology to remove bacteria, viruses and cysts from water that may cause symptoms such as fever and diarrhea. Additional features include a snap-and-fit cap to prevent leaking, an ergonomic mouthpiece that makes it easier to draw water out of the bottle, and a convenient D-ring to easily carry or attach the bottle to a backpack.

Tied to the India launch, HaloSource expects to donate a portion of all astrea® sales in India to global water sanitation pioneer water.org. The nonprofit funds projects in 14 countries worldwide, and has spent more than a decade playing a significant role in India’s progress towards improved water sanitation.

James Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource, commented:

“HaloSource is – and will continue to be – a highly sought-after partner to the biggest brands in the water purification and filtration industry on an OEM basis.  With astrea, we are well-positioned to further meet demand spurred by the global water crisis by bringing innovative, rigorously tested technology packaged in convenient solutions to India, a country facing a dire water quality situation.

“The partnership with water.org reinforces our commitment and belief that clean drinking water should be accessible to all people. Through astrea’s market availability and our philanthropic efforts, we are excited to partner with other leaders in this sector and champion actionable solutions to the global water crisis.”


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About HaloSource
HaloSource, Inc. innovates and integrates technologies to deliver clean drinking water solutions to partners with trusted brands around the world. The Company works with scientists and industry experts across the globe in search of new ways to improve drinking water quality and has been awarded more than 30 patents for its ground-breaking chemistries, which provide safe drinking water for more than 10 million consumers globally. The Company’s class-leading HaloPure® Drinking Water technology has the highest global certifications, including registration with the US EPA.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, HaloSource has grown to become an influential leader in drinking water purification. HaloSource is headquartered in the US with operations in China and in India. Learn more about the Company’s research and development and future cutting edge technologies by visiting www.halosource.com

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