Mountain Valley Spring Water Announces Exclusive Partnership with the Murphy Arts District


The Mountain Valley Spring Water will be served throughout the arts district including concession stands, venue restaurants and bars, backstage artist lounges and hospitality installations.  The Farmers Market, scheduled to open in the near future will also serve Mountain Valley Water.  Stephan Williams, Director- Corporate Marketing at Mountain Valley Spring Co commented “We’re excited to partner with our local distributor and The Murphy Arts District to help bring this cultural renaissance to El Dorado.”  Mr. Williams added, “This collaboration represents a natural tie to our shared Arkansas roots and is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase our brand’s ongoing commitment to support American music and artists.”

El Dorado may soon be on the same music and arts trajectory as more traditionally recognized neighboring regions with strong musical heritage such as Memphis, New Orleans and Muscle Shoals.  The addition of its new 8,000 seat amphitheater and 2,000 seat music hall is expected to draw celebrated national artists, popular regional talent, Broadway productions and other performances.   The Mountain Valley Spring Water has been the official water partner of music festival programming and special events in Nashville, Dallas, Austin and Los Angeles this year with additional events planned for 2018. 

About The Mountain Valley Spring Water
The Mountain Valley Spring Water Co. is the authentic American natural spring water. Headquartered in Hot Springs, Ark., the iconic brand has been serving consumers since 1871. The brand’s spring and sparkling waters are still bottled today from the abundant natural artesian spring source originating from deep within the valley’s granite-based geologic formation, giving it its unique mineral content and taste profile.  Twice named “Best-Tasting Water in the World,” Mountain Valley Spring water is delivered to home and offices across the county. The brand can also be found in fine retailers, natural grocery and traditional supermarkets. Mountain Valley Spring is a Great Range Capital corporation.

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