Sneakers4Funds Becomes an Independent Company of Elsey Enterprises


“This strategic move further exemplifies our commitment to dominate the shoe drive fundraising market. Sneakers4Funds’ prepaid mailer partnering with the U.S. Post Office is changing the way groups can fundraise by collecting gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. Supporters place athletic footwear in a prepaid mailing bag, drop the package at the post office and then the organization receives prompt payment,” said Wayne Elsey, Founder and CEO, Elsey Enterprises. He added, “To further strengthen this separate business, Tom Henderson has been named general manager. Tom has been with Funds2Orgs since the first day and has been a catalyst for the growth of that brand and will now do the same for Sneakers4Funds.”

“To further define our brands with distinct energy and strategy for each, we have spun off Sneakers4Funds to now operate independently,” said Henderson. He continued, “Funds2Orgs is now the nation’s largest shoe drive fundraising company, and we have similar plans for Sneakers4Funds in the ‘athletic niche.’ Marathon organizers have tested and applauded this seamless way to fundraise by handing out the prepaid mailer.”

Elsey added, “Sneakers4Funds will soon dominate the athletic shoe drive fundraising market as well.”

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About Sneakers4Funds
Sneakers4Funds is an independent company in the portfolio of Elsey Enterprises brands. Sneakers4Funds partners with sports clubs, teams, marathons, mud runs, schools or other groups in athletic shoe drive fundraising. Sneakers4Funds works with partners and helps them raise money in an easy, new and innovate way. Additionally, Sneakers4Funds works globally in partnership with micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations. The footwear collected during Sneakers4Funds athletic shoe drives become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs seeking economic opportunity and sell the shoes in their local communities. Sneakers4Funds also offers partners and their local communities a socially responsible way to support a great cause.

Yvonne Keller, Vice President, Operations
Elsey Enterprises
Office: (407) 440-8264
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