Another Budding Web Fest in California to Encourage Online Creative


London, United Kingdom, September 30, 2017 —- Six Two Creative, based out of LA has reached out to the producer and founder of UK Web Fest, first touring web festival in the UK, with a proposal of partnership by showing interest in creating a “West Coast Web Fest” in association with them. This accord between the two organizations has ushered in a great deal of excitement and provided the web fest with a huge welcome.

The creative director of Six Two Creative, Jett Garrison, an exceptional film maker has repeatedly judged the UK web Fest since 2015. Both have a peculiar connection with Monica Y Dee who promotes BAME, diversity and inclusion, and Jett advocating the same with LGB and Trans issues and his film content bearing a reflection of these issues.

With an experience of 15 years in producing, designing and writing on one hand and an extensive reach of the successful web fest in the UK on the other hand, the collusion of Jett Garrison and UK Web Fest will combine the best of both and will provide California with a much needed film festival which would be one of its kind. As of now, there are only two other mainstream web fests available for independent online creative.

About the two coming together, Monica said, “If all goes well and to plan West Coast Web Fest will be premiering in Los Angeles Autumn of 2018. We have a lot of industry people backing us and rooting for this to take place so we are excited to move forward and get this moving.’’

About Six Two Creative: Six Two Creative, a content creator produces creative content for film and television and specializes in promotion and marketing. It’s clients include Sony, abc family and amazon studios.

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