ExportPortal.com Extends Free Certification to Businesses Affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria in Texas, Florida & Puerto Rico


Export Portal understands if you think that international sales is a risky proposition, at this juncture.  This is why we provide an e-Commerce ecosystem that certifies sellers and manufacturers from around the world.  Our integrity-based website provides a platform to display your products, communicate with other members, and negotiate & interact with global partners.  We provide you with the assistance to fill out forms, insurance, and even shipping options, worldwide.

Export Portal understands there will be hard days ahead and we want to do what we can for those who have been affected by natural disasters.  We extend our offer to Puerto Rico or any other hard-hit states or countries if other hurricanes strike this year.

Export Portal has thousands of buyers and sellers in over 100 countries in 70 major categories.  Our objective is to impact global trade in every way we can, but for now we want to help companies looking for every potential to rebuild their lives, increase profits, and discover new opportunities. To register, go to:  https://www.exportportal.com/authenticate/register.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the affected areas.

About Export Portal
Export Portal is a global opportunity marketplace that utilizes a revolutionary blockchain platform focused on micro, and small to medium-sized businesses that want to open up new markets for their products outside of their current territory or comfort zone.  To learn more, go to https://www.exportportal.com/learn_more.

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