no suits Premieres “Man in Tie Dye” Music Video


“The Man in Tie Dye is one of a kind”

no suits premieres its highly anticipated “Man in Tie Dye” music video on October 6, 2017, directed by Dakota Adney. The track is the closing song on no suits’ debut EP, ‘Virgin’, which has accrued over 500,000 streams on Spotify since its release this summer.

A childhood promise to “never wear a suit to work” was the spark of what has now emerged to be no suits. The foursome have nicknamed themselves ‘the new guys who like the old shit’ and live up to the reputation.

The song is about a unique individual who feels musically outcasted from society, yet hopeful to find a like minded counterpart. 

The video depicts the Man in Tie Dyes’ eccentric journey to find his musical soulmate. 

Lyrically, the tune is a songwriting masterpiece. The words paint a vivid picture of the Man In Tie Dye’s world as he protests, “We need not a vibe killer/ but a resurrection of the singer of ‘Thriller’/ I said I’m tryna get back to my Marvin Gaye/ where you could fall in love with tunes and it would never fade”. no suits cleverly references and pays respect to some of the greatest artists who have ever lived while simultaneously calling out the over-saturation of recent musical acts who put no love into their art.

They go on to say “coming at you like a Beastie Boy/ I need them grooving island vibes from Mr. Marley’s Voice/ I don’t know what I would do without 2 Live Crew/ or that funky Miles Davis drinking bitches’ Brew”.

The chorus blasts “oh baby what’s your name?” as the Man In Tie Dye’s seemingly impossible search for his counterpart continues.

The lyrics are simply words that anyone can resonate with. The history, the tropes, it’s genius. We have all been thinking it, and they finally said it.

The video takes place in Los Angeles California and highlights some iconic landmarks such as Fairfax, Santa Monica Pier, and Beverly Hills. The vibe is eclectic and the touches of a vintage 1964 Mustang and afros warp you back in time.

The Man In Tie Dye is one of a kind. Go ahead and hop into his world. It’s a fun ride.

Be sure to check out the rest of no suits’ ‘Virgin’ EP and if you get the chance, go see them perform it live.

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