Nationwide Self-Directed Retirement Plan Administrator, Midland IRA, Donates $3,500 to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria


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“These are real people affected, and I’m very proud of the staff at Midland for participating in relief efforts.”

Midland IRA, headquartered in Fort Myers and Chicago, donates $3,500 in efforts to support the citizens of Puerto Rico after the tragic effects of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Irma began in the Atlantic Ocean and over the course of the next several days, wreaked devastation on the Caribbean and the Florida Keys before reducing wind speeds and hitting the mainland part of Florida. Puerto Rico, who are in the midst of an economic crisis, was impacted by the effects of the category 4 storm as it passed just north of the island. Within the following days Puerto Rico once again faced devastation as the path of a new category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Maria, crossed directly over the territory. Hurricane Maria has been reported as the strongest storm to hit the island in the last 80 years.    

To assist in the economic struggles citizens of Puerto Rico are facing, Midland IRA & 1031 staff in Fort Myers and Chicago came together to give donations to UNICEF, Catholic Charities, and United for Puerto Rico. In total the staff and President of Midland IRA & 1031, Dave Owens, raised $3,500 out of pocket. When asked about the travesty resulted from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, Dave Owens responded, “I recently spoke with a man who was raised in Puerto Rico and whose family is still there. He had tears in his eyes when he was describing hearing from his family after 7 days of not knowing if they were okay. These are real people affected, and I’m very proud of the staff at Midland for participating in relief efforts.”

Midland IRA & 1031 makes regular donations to the local community and other areas in need. The staff is given the opportunity to choose charities and organizations to donate to and volunteer for. To learn more about the self-directed IRA administrator and 1031 exchange qualified intermediary, visit www(dot)midlandira(dot)com.

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Midland IRA is a self-directed IRA administrator that provides tax-deferred and tax-free investment opportunities, superior customer service, and educational tools to assist investors in realizing the maximum benefits possible within IRAs. Midland IRA makes it easy to use self-directed retirement plans to invest in assets that the individual investor knows, understands, and can control. Midland IRA is also a 1031 exchange qualified intermediary. To learn more visit www(dot)MidlandIRA(dot)com.

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